The Ancient Druids: A flashback from the past

Long before the introduction of Christianity, an ancient religion called druidism to exist among the people of Celts, and its followers are called the Druids. Druids are a nature lover. For them, they see nature as their God. The ancient druids are well known as wise elders that are usually sitting around the oak trees. The word “Druid” comes from the Celtic translation of oak-knower. The Druids one lived in Europe known as Gaul, and lately, as the Romans start their expansion, they conquered the druids. In fact, one of the best evidence of ancient druids comes from the great Roman Julius Caesar, which he described the druids as a civilized, noble people and wise.
Druid religion was said to be conducting spiritual human sacrifices, especially for the criminals burned by the people along with a giant wooden effigy known as the wicker man. Caesar also states that the druids are also a very fan of sacrifices and even comes to the point of sacrificing innocent people if they are lacking in criminals.
Unlike other religions and spiritual beliefs present in Europe at that time, the druids believed in reincarnation. The Druids believed that the soul of a person is immortal and could be transfer or reborn in different life forms. Druids also believe in the existence of two dimensions; the world we have now and the otherworld. For them, the soul of an individual lives and dies in this world, which is the same also to the otherworld.
The druid societies also have schools to train the noble youth who wants to become druids. This depends on the types of the role the youth want to be trained with. The Druid training has three roles that a young noble can be a prophet, priest, or bard. As the young noble succeed in their training, they are now part of the Druids society and can part take in every spiritual ceremony, and other things do as a druid.