5 Facts you need to know about the Druids

Druidism is the religion practiced by its followers called the druids. Long before druids live in the world during the Iron Age around 1200 BC. Druids are said to be wise, noble, professional and very educated. In this article, we’re going to deal on the facts you need to know about the Druids. Are you ready?
The symbol of Swastikas is long used by the druids before the Nazi did.
During the reign of Nazi Germany, they use Swastikas symbol, which stands for ethnic cleansing and cultures. Evidence shows that the druids are the first that uses the Swastikas symbol. As one artifact called, the Battersea Shield was found and revealed some of its Swastikas features and is associated with the druids.
They believed in Gender Equality
Not only men are allowed to be a Druid. In fact, the Druids believed in gender equality, wherein women can part take or can be druid also. Mostly of the druid society are women who are a warrior and skilled in military aspect. Women can do the role of lawyer, judges, and ambassadors. Another thing is that women have the authority to divorce their husband in some circumstances.
They don’t pay taxes
The Druids society is believed to be exempted from joining in any military service and for paying taxes as well. Since they are noble and intellectual class people, they don’t involve their society in some of the Roman policy in which is strongly claimed by Julius Caesar in this writings about the Druids.
They are against Capital Punishment
In some of the writing made by Julius Caesar and other Greek writers, they state that the Druids are practicing human sacrifices like burning a person alive in the giant wooden made wicker man effigy. Those statements are not true as of today. In fact, there is no concrete evidence show about the druid’s human sacrifice.
They see nature as their God
Part of the Druid belief is that nature is their God, for them, the fundamental of drawing inspiration and spiritual enrichment to it.